Thursday, 1 September 2011

today's diary...

'Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars...i could really use a wish right now...wish..', oOoppPSs, hi, never mind, i just badly got this song stuck in my head...

anyways, here ends the first of Eid <at least for me> always, this again was a boring Eid, and like always, i had to entertain my own self...oOoHh...forgot about the rain...that was so damn cheered this....
got all my new clothes wet as i made my way back home from my grandma's place on foot... :P

and yeah...i applied colored eye liner and eye-shade...for the first time...and surprisingly so perfect <as i'm no expert in make up> that people liked it...! was so difficult to keep back my hands from rubbing my eyes....! my mommy never really liked my eye makeup nor my earrings... who cares when majority did like :P <she has got no love as well as no sense of make up or jewelry, i myself  have got only a pinch of it > my frog like eyes looked like this...<pic isn't that good>

...and when i scraped my mehndi (henna)...i was lyk...*disappointed* ... 'man! color is NOT so vibrant..! dull..

and then, entire day, me and my 'darling' <my laptop> stayed together...i would refresh my facebook page over and over as well as bloggers page just to see 'do i have any comment to moderate...or a new follower?'

my bangles, nail polish and earrings...after all, Eid is one of the rare occasions  when i act like a girl :D

bored, bored...bored....what to do ? ...ahan...why not pretend to be a model and be your own i did that... =)
ahan...were you expecting a pic of my 'modelling pic' ... c'mon why would i share that with you... :P ... *pic not to be shared*

hit my aunt's place...had a little fun with cousins...then to home sweet home...pulled out my bangles, removed my makeup and a cold splash of water on my folded and that was when i gave a sincere thought to my mirror image: 'you know look better in your roughest attire, without even a speck of makeup and with hair kindly be yourself..! =)

...and now here i sit blabbering..and having hershey's kisses and twix....wanna have ok...i'll have it... :D :P ... tata tc... =]


  1. Eid mubarak :)

    awww u have such beautiful eyes. who said they are like frogs!!!
    i cant do make-up too. actually i never tried it as well. for me make-up is lip-gloss. my mom on the other really wants me too do a lil make-up (not heavy though) but personally i like to keep it natural.
    u shld be glad that aleast u have a beautiful mehndi pattern on yr mehndi was a disaster cuz my sis tried to make a peacock n it turned something into a hen.

  2. my eid was boring too. but am glad its over now :P

  3. man u have so long nails,
    u r one dangerous girl. :P
    and airplanes my all time favorite song,
    the voice of hayley williams with B.O.B, makes it awesomest song. :D
    hershey's kisses and twix...
    u r eating them alone, i wish they fall from your hand and u get to eat none of them :P

  4. @ kiran..aww thanks...actually they are like almond shaped :P hahaha..better luck next time with your peacock mehndi... :P

    @ mahnoor...exactly... :P

    @ ateeq...LONG NAILS...! :S i just cut them before eid...because they were really looking like those of a witch.. ;) :P yeah that's a great song...and btw your curse went unheard...and i did offer.. :P :P

  5. umnaaaaaaaaa ala krdia!:D tum ko tu mjhsai bhi xiada acha makeup agaya!:DDDD huh ub merai pas tum nhi aaogi krwanai :( :P

  6. hahahaha... arey sachi sab ko pasand aya... :D yyess you just lost a customer of yours... :P

  7. they were longer than that!!!1
    yikes, what u do with them, shape the raw glass. :D