Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Why... ?

why were we to say farewell,
when we still long to go back on that very trail,

why was our love to drain,
when your thought still makes my soul to sprain,

why were our cherished dream to shatter,
when on both ends, the hearts flutter,

why were we to let go that moment,
when we knew, it'll be a lifelong torment,

why were we to cut that mutual beam,
when emotions still teem,

why was that road to take such a drastic bend,
when every giggle hollers to be mend,

we are moving on and we will speed up on our paths,
we will glance back, look for the footprints into the gone,

all we would find is,

'traces so dusted
things so disgusted!'

Thursday, 1 September 2011


below are some pictures, which i took day before yesterday, when in evening <just before the time to break fast> the weather drastically changed and then...then it drizzled.. =D

clouds marching...

sun melting

today's diary...

'Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars...i could really use a wish right now...wish..', oOoppPSs, hi, never mind, i just badly got this song stuck in my head...

anyways, here ends the first of Eid <at least for me> ...like always, this again was a boring Eid, and like always, i had to entertain my own self...oOoHh...forgot about the rain...that was so damn fantastic...weather cheered up...like this....
got all my new clothes wet as i made my way back home from my grandma's place on foot... :P

and yeah...i applied colored eye liner and eye-shade...for the first time...and surprisingly so perfect <as i'm no expert in make up> that people liked it...! aahhh...it was so difficult to keep back my hands from rubbing my eyes....! my mommy never really liked my eye makeup nor my earrings... who cares when majority did like :P <she has got no love as well as no sense of make up or jewelry, i myself  have got only a pinch of it > my frog like eyes looked like this...<pic isn't that good>

...and when i scraped my mehndi (henna)...i was lyk...*disappointed* ... 'man! color is NOT so vibrant..! see..how dull..

and then, entire day, me and my 'darling' <my laptop> stayed together...i would refresh my facebook page over and over as well as bloggers page just to see 'do i have any comment to moderate...or a new follower?'

my bangles, nail polish and earrings...after all, Eid is one of the rare occasions  when i act like a girl :D

bored, bored...bored....what to do ? ...ahan...why not pretend to be a model and be your own photographer...so i did that... =)
ahan...were you expecting a pic again...one of my 'modelling pic' ... c'mon why would i share that with you... :P ... *pic not to be shared*

hit my aunt's place...had a little fun with cousins...then to home sweet home...pulled out my bangles, removed my makeup and a cold splash of water on my face...hair folded and that was when i gave a sincere thought to my mirror image: 'you know what...you look better in your roughest attire, without even a speck of makeup and with hair folded...so kindly be yourself..! =)

...and now here i sit blabbering..and having hershey's kisses and twix....wanna have some...no..? ok...i'll have it... :D :P ... tata tc... =]

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I discovered that...

there i sat on the windowsill,
with moist eyes and expressionless face,

gazing gloomily at the dark sky which roared,
and made itself more frightening, after lightning,

'are the stars really happy that glitter,
or having feelings very bitter,

is that moon just fake,
or is really for our sake..?',

as tears fell from  mys eyes,
so from the skies,
with my conscience stricken,

i discovered that,
meaning of life is to live merry,
and let others live cherry,

whether the stars and moon are delighted or not,
they have to show elation,
for our gratification,

i discovered that,
meaning of life is to live for others,

i discovered that,
meaning of life is to make life meaningful...

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

eid before eid...

yeah YOU, you 'beauty parlor people', you always celebrate your Eid before Eid, with high sums of money flowing in ;) ...anyways, had been to beauty parlor just this morning <not to make myself extra-artificial>, don't think of me to be a 'typical' girl, but to get the usual done: waxing and removing split ends.

Mama and i made as quickly as possible to the parlor, so that we didn't have to wait long for our turn yet, we had to for half of the staff hadn't arrived! Oh well, i'm not going to tell you how i got my waxing done, how did mama got her facial done and blah blah...

When i got done with what i wanted, i chose a corner to stand <for there was no room to place your butts!> and wait for mama's facial to end. I, actually was scrutinizing every lady, how desperate they were to get 'everything' done, how keen they were to hide their natural look! ...anyways, parlor was soon overflowing with ladies some getting haircut, some mehndi (henna), some facial, some waxing, some threading, some this, some that and others waiting...! 

...even after spending loooonnngg hours, ladies to me, look all the same as they looked before getting anything done :p <sorry but i really do think so>...c'mon why do you need to hide or alter something that's given by God? ..at least, He knows what's better for you than your ownself! <and here, i criticize myself too, why in heaven's name do i need waxing!>

...the funniest part, when i laughed to myself was when i caught the glimpse of a kid<boy> sitting among ladies, with his chin resting on his hand, eyes wide open...and his face, an outlet to the expression: 'what the hell am i doing among these hooligans?' ;)

Oh mama's here, she done with her facial, let's leave... and we got out of that chaotic world leaving behind them chattering and blabbering...and arguing...

Monday, 29 August 2011

Here I am...

...n i'm a blogger...finally.! :) had been involved in poetry and writing stuff since a few years back...don't know what plunged me into all this but seriously, i started loving it since the very day i dived into this business!

Came up with my first poem..umm...at age of thirteen or fourteen <as deep as my mind can rummage the memory> ...and ever since then blurting out my mind via my pen feels to me some kind of therapy/remedy/cure to kick away strain/depression/aggression/frustration...

To display my words...i got know <no doubt> an excellent website Hubpages <one of my teachers guided me to it> ...have been a member <not an active one> of Hubpages world since two years...

...and now, i'm here...! :D just started working on my blog from last night...and believe me, i have been so, so, so much involved in it that i'm glued to my chair since 2:30 p.m <and now it's 9 p.m> , hoping from blog to blog, posting new items, commenting, following fellow bloggers and putting in all efforts to make my blog look more and more presentable...this is just so damn addictive and obsessive....!

precisely, i'm kinda loving it :D ...hope to keep on blogging =)

gloom...nothing to bloom

Gloom, nothing to bloom,when mind so tensed,

when grudges so intense,

Depression,only aggression ,when it's so hard to breathe,

when frustration seethe,

Despair,nothing to repair,when dreams smashed,

when inner voice bashed,

Fright,nothing so bright,when hopes fell,

when thoughts pell-mell

Oh autumn of my heart, depart,let's get apart,let in the spring,

with a new swing,