Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I discovered that...

there i sat on the windowsill,
with moist eyes and expressionless face,

gazing gloomily at the dark sky which roared,
and made itself more frightening, after lightning,

'are the stars really happy that glitter,
or having feelings very bitter,

is that moon just fake,
or is really for our sake..?',

as tears fell from  mys eyes,
so from the skies,
with my conscience stricken,

i discovered that,
meaning of life is to live merry,
and let others live cherry,

whether the stars and moon are delighted or not,
they have to show elation,
for our gratification,

i discovered that,
meaning of life is to live for others,

i discovered that,
meaning of life is to make life meaningful...


  1. a good one. meaning of the life is sure to please others =) life becomes meaningful itself.


  2. Thank you :) yes, sure, it does..!

  3. man!!!!!
    the way u related life with stars,
    this couldn't have been much better..
    14 followers =D
    wish u get tons of people more here soon

  4. Indeed very meaningful (: Nice work,girl <3