Monday, 29 August 2011

Here I am...

...n i'm a blogger...finally.! :) had been involved in poetry and writing stuff since a few years back...don't know what plunged me into all this but seriously, i started loving it since the very day i dived into this business!

Came up with my first age of thirteen or fourteen <as deep as my mind can rummage the memory> ...and ever since then blurting out my mind via my pen feels to me some kind of therapy/remedy/cure to kick away strain/depression/aggression/frustration...

To display my words...i got know <no doubt> an excellent website Hubpages <one of my teachers guided me to it> ...have been a member <not an active one> of Hubpages world since two years...

...and now, i'm here...! :D just started working on my blog from last night...and believe me, i have been so, so, so much involved in it that i'm glued to my chair since 2:30 p.m <and now it's 9 p.m> , hoping from blog to blog, posting new items, commenting, following fellow bloggers and putting in all efforts to make my blog look more and more presentable...this is just so damn addictive and obsessive....!

precisely, i'm kinda loving it :D ...hope to keep on blogging =)


  1. hey, i am sharing your blog link in my new post..
    this awesome blog needs an audience..

  2. yes, sure =) ...will be grateful to you to get me some audience... thank you :D

  3. u still here, get some sleep...
    man, u r far more addicted than i am....

  4. cool intro and a nice blog out here... bon journo for your blog journey.. :)

  5. @ ateeq...heheheh... :P i used laptop for lyk 13 hours yesterday... :D
    @ rolling stone...Thank you... :)