Tuesday, 30 August 2011

eid before eid...

yeah YOU, you 'beauty parlor people', you always celebrate your Eid before Eid, with high sums of money flowing in ;) ...anyways, had been to beauty parlor just this morning <not to make myself extra-artificial>, don't think of me to be a 'typical' girl, but to get the usual done: waxing and removing split ends.

Mama and i made as quickly as possible to the parlor, so that we didn't have to wait long for our turn yet, we had to for half of the staff hadn't arrived! Oh well, i'm not going to tell you how i got my waxing done, how did mama got her facial done and blah blah...

When i got done with what i wanted, i chose a corner to stand <for there was no room to place your butts!> and wait for mama's facial to end. I, actually was scrutinizing every lady, how desperate they were to get 'everything' done, how keen they were to hide their natural look! ...anyways, parlor was soon overflowing with ladies some getting haircut, some mehndi (henna), some facial, some waxing, some threading, some this, some that and others waiting...! 

...even after spending loooonnngg hours, ladies to me, look all the same as they looked before getting anything done :p <sorry but i really do think so>...c'mon why do you need to hide or alter something that's given by God? ..at least, He knows what's better for you than your ownself! <and here, i criticize myself too, why in heaven's name do i need waxing!>

...the funniest part, when i laughed to myself was when i caught the glimpse of a kid<boy> sitting among ladies, with his chin resting on his hand, eyes wide open...and his face, an outlet to the expression: 'what the hell am i doing among these hooligans?' ;)

Oh mama's here, she done with her facial, let's leave... and we got out of that chaotic world leaving behind them chattering and blabbering...and arguing...


  1. Truly speaking but not only beauty parlors celebrate their eid before eid... :D
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  2. hahah, that boy, stuck in the moment with some real life witches. :P

  3. LOL. just know what u mean. i once was at a parlour, and a NANI came with the kid. she had to have some waxing done, she screamed once of the pain, and the kid was like, choro nani ko. choro unhay dard horai hai. IMAGINE. hahaha, i was like laughing out real loud. =D

    got to u from ateeqs blog =)

  4. @ asma khan...yeah you right...following you.. :D
    @ ateeq...exactly! poor kid.. :P
    @ mahnoor...ahhahahaaha...that's hilarious..and that is why i'm so grateful to ateeq..following you. keep visiting.. :D

  5. so true!!! i hate the beauty parlour environment cuz of the ladies . some of them even bring their crying 1 or 2 year olds as well...WTH..have mercy on your kids ladies.
    great post..thts exactly what i felt as well. following you :)

  6. I agree completely! It really irritates me a lot especially when teenage girls try to look even prettier than they are. In the end, they just look plastic.
    Btw, nice blog =)