Sunday, 28 August 2011

drug of yours... the air,

I can see the smoke,

smoke, of your promises,

that now diffuses,

here... in my eyes,

is a flood of tears,

tears, of blood

that now crawl down my cheek, my memories,

I can sense a love,

love, dressed in scarlet,

that now fades away, my chest,

is a heart,

a heart, of wax,

that now burns, your talks, 

was a magic,

a magic, mesmerizing me,

that only took me in, my skull,

is a brain,

a brain, smart enough,

that now freaks out, my blood,

runs the drug,

drug, of yours,

that now poisons my soul, your arms,

I want to die,

die, with peace,

this was once my wish...!


  1. here i sit, reading your post
    surprised to see an astounding work
    work that contains a story of love
    that has been shattered into pieces by love.
    OMG, i am the first follower....awesome...
    ur work deserves much more, it was so awesome reading the poem, every word, every sentence complete in its self..
    just keep writing i will keep on stalking u. :D

  2. such a motivating comment..! :D glad 2 have u as my follower.. thanks for appreciating my work.. :)sure, keep stalking... :D

  3. @umna..:D...ala krdia behen jee nai!:DDDD

    @ateeq...em sure you r gonna be tempted to keep on following her...afterawl she and i are from the same party:P

  4. @roghay...thanks dear.. :DD honor for me that such great bloggers following me.. ;)

  5. Wow Umna! This is simply wonderful! So passionate! :D'

  6. OMG, really?????
    matlab now i will have 2 gehri gehri posts to read,
    that's height of awesomeness.